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Topic: Albany Arms & Area
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Posted by: Peter Brew
Date/Time: 29/09/17 18:45:00

Hi there,

If possible I’d like to open up constructive discussion on the area surrounding and including the currently closed pub, The Albany Arms.
My other half and I are currently in the process, amongst other interested parties,of applying for the lease on The  Albany Arms……some of you may ask why?!......some may say about time!
We have spent many months scouring the internet for info on the general area and have had many visits to Brentford to visit the pub and its surrounds. From our research we are aware of the pubs history and some problems associated with the area that surround it. This forum has also been useful to get some current info from locals.
It does sound like there may be some issues involving crime in the area, but it’s very hard and also unfair to judge from an outsider’s point of view, rather than from a current resident’s daily experience.
We would love to hear from some lovely Brentford locals and those further afield who have experience of the area, what you think about the pub itself and it reopening in the near future, and what it would mean to the local area?  Good or bad
Our vision, if we are successful in gaining a lease, is to transform this pub into something Brentford can be proud of.This pub has been vacant too long,been mismanaged repeatedly, and finally needs some love put into it.I am sure you will all agree on this!

Any thoughts, feelings, or questions?

*Please note: As we are still in the very early stages of the application process and due to confidentiality reasons, there are certain to be some questions that I will be unable to answer on this forum,so apologies in advance.

Regards, Pete

Ps. I will update this post in regards to the outcome of our application whether its successful or not.I am sure there are many of you interested in the fate of the pub and who will eventually obtain the lease.

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