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Posted by: Jacob James
Date/Time: 03/10/17 11:09:00

Hello Peter Brew. Yes, I live directly in Albany Road. Actually directly opposite where the acid attack mugging took place earlier this year I mentioned. I work closely with the Safer Neighbourhood Team as a resident and trust me I can imagine what Hackney Central is like as my full time job is based in the criminal justice system.

The reason I believe the Albany Arms struggles is because there is very little footfall in front of the pub besides a weak stream of Haverfield Estate residents going to Morrisons. Concerning the crime of the street - it is ingrained - again - the website will show you everything that is reported down here. Want drugs, want to settle a score with a rival? Albany Road is your go-to street. The area starts to get tasty from just after 5pm crime wise - some days there are no incidents - others - you can see the gangs first hand. The drug dealing and roaming alcoholics appear and disappear all day. However - this is just what the area is like and actually not the real problem for a business imo. The real problem with Albany Road is that most the street is rented - mostly to Eastern Europeans and there are a few slum landlords who have filled their properties with bunk-beds - like the beat-up beige building on the corner of Albany Road and Brook Road South. The road seems almost abandoned most the time. North of Albany Road - the area gets a little better. There are many pubs in the area - all fairly empty and dependant on the matchday football trade of the soon to be moving stadium. The council stated that 3 of the 4 pubs surrounding the stadium will not be economically viable once the stadium moves but as another user stated on here - I am amazed many of those pubs stay open anyway as it is - they are just abandoned most the time with just one or two established older drinkers in there. The few wealthy of the area drink in The Weir or in Chiswick (Strand on the Green). Ferry Keys - which is an expensive development you should visit on the river is also abandoned most the time. My advice is this. Visit all the local pubs and see first hand the type of people who live in Brentford. Visit the Griffin (famous), The Beehive, The Royal Horseguards Man - The Princess Royal etc. Whatever anyone tells you on here - it is your money presumably that will be put into this venture and the best way to gauge this strange area is first hand. The area can be quite deceptive. When I first came to area - I saw none of the inherent problems until I actually started living here. 

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