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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Re:Albany Arms & Area
Posted by: Claire Peleschka
Date/Time: 03/10/17 20:42:00

Hi Peter,

I don't know whether or not you would find my input useful or subjective as I and my husband are the tenants at The Griffin.

We, like the Albany, are a back street pub that struggles to attract passing business due to our location. We have invested heavily in a restaurant area and new toilets. My husband is a Michelin trained Chef and we offer proper restaurant quality food. We have an extremely good regular trade from locals and are slowly beginning to attract, through word of mouth / Trip Advisor etc, more trade from businesses and hotels. We do not rely on football trade, although it is a bonus (so not sure where 3 out of the 4 pubs not being viable after the football move came from).

Nick - I would recommend our Sunday roast if you're looking for somewhere with good food and friendly atmosphere.


It is a difficult trade and despite a number of new build flats, an increase in business from alleged residents is not noticeable. Add to that annual price increases and recent extortionate rates increases it is not the money spinner that people think it can be. This is as a pub that does not suffer in any way from the reputation hanging over The Albany Arms.

Brentford has a large proportion of pubs for its size and many of them, some without a poor reputation, are struggling and in honesty I can think of at least 4 that may not survive the decade. 

If you go ahead I wish you all the best and pop in if you need anything - we local publicans work together as much as possible and we'll be happy to help.

On a side note, I would check any conditions on the premises license before confirming as I think another newly reopened pub was a bit shocked at the conditions applied due to previous incidents and you don't want to be restricted in your plans by previous management decisions.

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