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Posted by: Paul Brownlee
Date/Time: 05/10/17 14:46:00

I'm encouraged by Peter Brew's comments, commitment and consideration to the local residents. I also applaud him for entering this forum to introduce himself and stating his intentions.

I understand that much is still confidential, and I would be curious to know what the licensing hours are that he envisages, particularly with any late or extended licensing applications.

Nevertheless, by very virtue of his willingness to enter into discussion on this forum is commendable - and that's something that his predecessors never considered. So thank you for that.

I'm not a NIMBY person, and I regret the rampant demise of pubs over recent years. I would be very happy to see the Albany Arms restored and become a valuable hub of the community and visitors to Brentford.

My only fear is that should Peter invest both in time and money in restoring this pub (particularly the challenge of it's garden, which is currently a jungle harbouring all manner of destructive wildlife and vermin) then after a year or two - having not realised his ambitions or seeing a profit (which I would regret) - he would up sticks and leave the door open for the less scrupulous and opportunist short term managers, who couldn't care less, and we would then enter a new cycle of distress equivalent to those dark periods gone before.

I sincerely hope I am wrong - but forgive my negativity.

I wish you every success in your application. Better a good pub with a good licensee who can be a valued and respected member of the community than any other possible alternative.

Brentford needs people like you in this unique and special pocket of West London - which is slowly losing it's history and identity by a plethora of mediocre and inferior pastiche developments.

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