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Posted by: Peter Brew
Date/Time: 04/10/17 16:06:00

Thanks again everyone for the constructive comments regarding the Albany Arms and the general area. From what I gather Brentford certainly has its fair share of problems, but no more than anywhere else. In particular thank you Guy for getting involved in the discussion, it’s certainly a confidence builder knowing there are councillors interested in what is going on, particularly in regards to small business.
As I initially stated, as we are still in the early days of the application process, our application for the pub is confidential and our business proposal for the time being is as well. However, without giving too much away but at the same time allay any fears that some of you possibly harbour, what I can say is this….

1. Forget about the previous 7 landlords-We are so far away from these previous entities in terms of professionalism, moral decency, foresight and ambition you have no need to doubt our intentions or resolve in giving the Albany Arms every chance of success. 
2. The pub will be privately run by us. We will be free of all ties with any breweries or pub co’s. This fact alone should please many people who like their pubs “less branded” and more independent.
3. Our proposal in regards to what we will be offering in terms of products, and our whole vision of what the pub s going to look and feel like WILL NOT attract any of the undesirables that some of you have mentioned on this forum as being previous customers.
4. My other half and I are very experienced and enjoy turning problem pubs into great pubs. Our vision is clear and we will not be intimidated by any undesirable element in the community attempting to use the pub as a base for their nefarious activities We will be taking many different steps that have worked for us in the past to combat any problems that may arise. One decision already on the list is a no drinking/no smoking policy out the front of the pub at any time. (Obviously football days may be an issue with this and need looking at individually) We also have a “zero tolerance” policy with no exceptions.
5. The football trade does not factor into our plans and although we will welcome trade pickup from home games, we will not be actively promoting to attract this, and will be making sure we do not have any hooligan element gracing our doorstep. Friendly football fans will however be most welcome.
6.If we secure the lease on The Albany Arms we are there for the long haul. We are there to  make an impact and become hugely successful in what we do, and in turn be part of the regeneration and success of Brentford as a whole.

Claire- Thanks so much for the feedback and sound advice. You certainly run a great pub in The Griffin and we will definitely give you a buzz if we are successful. Have not yet checked the licencing conditions but will be looking at that this week, fingers crossed! Great to hear your comments on the football being a bonus to you.  A pub should never rely on a singular outside entity like a sports ground to rule its profitability. There have been pubs for instance in nearby Twickenham that have suffered over the years by not adapting and only relying on the rugby to make the bulk of their profits. In latter years this wasn’t  a problem, however times and tastes have changed dramatically over the past 10 years and pubs that are struggling need to take a look at themselves and work out what they need to offer  and where they need to make changes in order to attract new custom. You definitely can’t just put a lick of paint in a place and open the doors, it just doesn’t cut it anymore. You are right, all the pubs surrounding the ground CAN survive after the football has moved, and it’s just up to the landlords to facilitate the correct changes in order to survive.Which is exactly what you have done.

Paul- thanks very much for the advice and some history on the Albany Arms. There isn’t much I haven’t read on the internet or heard from people in regards to the pub. I hope you don’t choose to oppose any plans for the pub, but I would not blame you given your history with it.. Our decision to apply for the Albany Arms hasn’t come lightly and there has been many hours of debate over whether this could be a “dead horse”-We don’t think it is and hope we get the chance to prove you wrong.

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