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Posted by: Christopher Gillie
Date/Time: 07/06/18 11:04:00

Hi Lorne

At the end of the day, we need to balance tax and spend, while growing ourselves to a more prosperous future. My fear is that tax and spend is now too low.

If NI is another kind of income tax why is NI increase ok but income tax not?

"favoured by those that wont pay it" is just not true. They do pay it, the numbers I sent show they pay it, and they pay a lot more than anyone else, and I am grateful that they pay it. Where does your assertion come from? the numbers do not bear it out, so I do not know where this is coming from?

Cutting tax to to pay for services does not work either. Talking about the Mansion tax is odd. I was talking income tax. 1p in income tax would mean your income must be 3 million a year to pay 30k more tax a year, which means parking fees are not a big problem.

I did not say Brazil was in the "same basket", but they are a country, and we have have a similar tax take to them, lower than most 1st world countries. Less tax means fewer universal services, which means less help for the poor and disadvantaged, and more income for the rich. How little do we want to help each other?

Reducing funding for public services means reduced funding for public salaries, which is a major cause of economic drag.

Stamp duty only affect house buyers and so only affect a tiny number of people in any given year and are so cyclical. That is one of the worst ways to tax anyone. It encourages geographic inertia and distorts the housing market. So this suggestion is, I submit, a very poor one.

Bexit devalued our currency, and yet the extra competitiveness this should have imparted to has has resulted in ever slower growth. The balance of tax has moved to the point where ever more squeezing of tax and public spending is damaging. The classic Keynsian spend your way out of a recession was not possible 10 years ago due to the huge Labour deficit, but the deficit has been mostly closed, and I think taxes have been cut too far.

Food for thought.



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