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Topic: Goddard's furniture shop
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Posted by: Carrie Lennard
Date/Time: 28/09/14 07:11:00

Back to my original moan about the Goddard's shop appearance. Anybody you talk to still about this shop says, what a mess, what a shame, it devalues the immediate area. Yes, the flowers have been attended to. What don't Goddard's understand about window display. It actually looks more like a furniture depository than a shop - which of course, IS their other line of business. Do we do need to have it out on display? It's clear that they do not have the trained personnel to dress the windows. Why not rent the shop to Cafe Rouge or similar business so that both the shop area and the pavement area could be utilised. It would look lovely and also, would draw more residents to the high street. I don't think Goddard's can claim to do that. Having lived in Brentford for 26 years and waited for the wonderful changes to happen, I do feel that Goddard's has done nothing to move with the times. The combination of their second-hand furniture sales, window displays that never move and a bunch of ariels on their roof, around the back, constitutes an eyesore. Do you agree?

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