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Topic: We give up!
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Posted by: Vanessa Smith
Date/Time: 31/01/17 12:45:00

After all the fuss and pantomime of the imposition of the Wheelie bins you would think that the collectors could at least implement the scheme properly wouldn't you? Er - no, week after week the collector takes the bin liner out of our bin and heaves it on to our neighbours wheelie and struggles to the lorry to empty said bin. Surely the point of this was - apart from anything else - Health and Safety so that operatives did not have to lift heavy weights, forget that then. This week we actually had already tied up the bin liner and had to put out some extra refuse on top for collection - the operator shoved that off and just heaved the bin liner out leaving the remaining bits at the bottom of our wheelie, stuck it on our neighbours bin as usual and then buggered off. Just now the green box lorry arrived and again the operatives just sauntered past our gate - even though our boxes etc. were on the front path - as we have a house to house collection how and why would they just waltz past? We recycle, we use bio degradable bags in the food waste bin and I have to say our green box is a model of neatness and order, thanks to my husband, yet still the service is cr*p. Might just as well have not bothered with all the cost not to mention the grief this whole sorry saga caused. What is the point? 

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