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Topic: Re:Rubbish again!!
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Posted by: Theo Dennison
Date/Time: 01/03/13 02:36:00

Hi Julie, please don't withhold your council tax - the council's council tax collection regime is on a hair trigger these days.

There are serious ongoing collection and cleaning issues along Twickenham Road and on Linkfield Road and this has been the case for several months - I know because I have also been reporting problems with dumped rubbish, stray black/green bags and litter (especially after the weekly collection).

To be fair the Counsil's response to my reports has improved over that time (from about 5 days down to about 24 hours) but fresh grot has been arriving almost daily.  That means the response desperately needs escalating to enforcement to break the habits of an anti-social few - there is no sign of that as yet but I think that will be necessary.

I generally report via twitter @lbofhounslow and the team will acknowledge each one (except when I do lots) and they do turn up. also works quite well.  If you copy me in @syonward or I would be happy to chase your reports up too.

And if you would like to meet on site and walk through your worst grotspots feel free to call me on 07950 468 361 anytime

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