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Topic: Roadworks and communication
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Posted by: Paul Fisher
Date/Time: 27/03/12 18:15:00

Well its now our turn at this end of Isleworth to have road improvements which despite the money being available before the last local elections is only just getting in to swing

Shame the Council and the local bus company could not have organised things a little better though as this morning despite a couple of would be passengers holding out their arms at the temporary bus stop plonked in the middle of the pavement the 267 bus driver at 6.12am towards Fulwell decided they were just having a dance together and drove straight past them

This also happened a few times when I was travelling towards Hammersmith about the same time a couple of weeks ago at the temporary bus stop just after the Chequers Pub when again the driver just drove straight past passengers waiting for the bus and clearly signalling for it to stop

A quick call to the garage might solve it though the number provided on the bus is of course unmanned

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