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Topic: Just Say No!!!
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Posted by: Philip Walsh
Date/Time: 02/11/09 15:37:00

To free speech on drug issues
To truth.
To the real heath problems coursed by bad production methods and contaminants in illegally produced drugs. To the truth over psychosis and cannabis.
To the informed opinion of so many prominent scientist and academics. To the fact that Billions of pounds has been miss appropriated in the war on drugs, for the advancement in building the infrastructures of state, the police and prisons being the only beneficiary's, not our Health service or us, drug users or not .
To the fact that the under the UN Opiates act we are obliged to take care of the health, welfare and social issues surrounding drug use through education and treatment.
To the fact the criminalising, imprisoning, repressing and terrorising drug issuers simply does not do that!
To the fact that the unjustified lies of drug oppression is safeguarding alcohol and tobacco sales.
To reality.
To the good of ALL the people.
Above all to proportionality and justice.

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