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Topic: Chiswick
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Posted by: Paul Brownlee
Date/Time: 28/10/22 02:20:00

Having lived in Brentford for 30 years I was always bemused by the Chiswick elite-set with their smug air of superiority. Well, they're quite cheesed off now with their restricted LTN's, High Street road restrictions, cycle lanes and congestion - particularly with "island" bus stops. What idiot committee thought of those? There's a tragedy about to happen there.

Well - they live in Hounslow Borough - so we should have sympathy for them. What happens there will happen here in Brentford for sure.

Don't call me a newcomer - I've lived in Osterley, Isleworth and Feltham over the years - since 1980 - so I know all about this local authority. It was a shower then, and it's a shower now. But people obviously vote for them (not me - never!) I've been trying to leave for years, but it's Hotel California!

I've been a victim several times of their road fines - suddenly finding that I cannot drive down a particular road due to unexpected changes - but I paid them because the hassle of appealing was too much of an effort. It's only by good fortune that my petrol ICE vehicle is not older than 2006 otherwise I would have to pay a ULEZ charge just to visit the Townmead Road Recycling Centre in Kew.

It really is intolerable whats happening in our corner of Middlesex (aka Greater London) and poor old Brentford is losing it's identity day by day. You can blame the government - but the rot festers in the council.

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