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Topic: What next?
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Posted by: Vanessa Smith
Date/Time: 12/03/22 11:14:00

COMPLEMENTING BEEHIVE AND MAGPIE PUBS. Ballymore have started work on brickwork and now they are seeking approval to change the colour along Brentford High Street. "The Ballymore masterplan in Brentford has undergone a change of colour palette to give it a more contemporary feel. It is now defined by the colour black or dark grey and can be seen in the revised design of the Block C building. The colour is seen as a unique feature that will make the new development singular and memorable like no other development in London." planning application.
"Historic public houses punctuating Brentford High Street, the Beehive and Magpie & Crown, introduce the combination of black and red brick/terracotta colours as well as on the ground floor a precious plinth finish."
More here: Planning application details (

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