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Topic: Re:Re:Residents parking permits rip-off
Posted by: Raymond Havelock
Date/Time: 30/05/16 10:10:00

Putting the price of permits up is one thing.
What really irks me is the claims of justification and the contradiction that it is not for profit.

Many CPZs only exist as a result of very poor planning and developments which have ignored the objections on parking be existing residents time and time again, coupled with blinkered policies based on idealism rather than pragmatism.

Serco make money out of CPZs. Serco and firms like them are not interested in anything with minimal margins of profit.

They have been pressuring Ealing, Hounslow and Brent to hike up costs, introduce extra charges for households with second and third vehicles irrespective of the fact many are independent members of a families in the same house. Pure discrimination.

Labour councils seem all too keen on hiking up the charges and embracing 'innovations' in charging cooked up by Serco and the like.  For them it is win win.

It's very noticeable that since the BRS CPZ which I think works well. That there has been a huge increase in large 4WD cars.  One or two streets seem packed with these oversized vehicles taking up too much space.

It's become the new status symbol and is really the most anti-social thing and not necessary in this sort of district in the same way that wheelie bins are not really practicable with these tiny front gardens.

The official LBH published justification for the hike is rather uncannily like the same published by Ealing and Brent. With the same unfounded and crass anti car rhetoric.

So where does all this money go in 'improving transport"

If they are really serious about too many cars, then start by quadrupling charges long wheelbase 4WDs, Huge engined 4WDs. And offer a discount for small runabout cars and those driving residents over 75 and free visitor permits for the over 75s in CPZs without cars.

Certainly not into the bus barrier at GWQ.  Or resurfacing the local streets. What happened to that?  Still the potholed streets remain unresurfaced.

What about the fact that CPZ residents are now subsidising the huge amount of residents who have off street parking and no CPZ. Who can have as many cars as they like.

As for a 20% hike. Where is the justification for that when inflation is almost negative?

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