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Topic: Re:Residents parking permits rip-off
Posted by: Robert Ayres
Date/Time: 29/05/16 00:33:00

Could not agree more. I was recently told on this site by our local Councillor
that I was moaning because there had been overwhelming support for the CPZ in my street .  Had this moron had the inclination or been awake long enough to check the figures he would have found that in the area canvassed as a whole  the majority was against a CPZ. So in order to impose the socialist dictat and make money they then decided change the goal posts and take the count on a road by road basis.  By doing this they drove people to park in roads not in the scheme and when the situation became Intolerable they canvassed these streets again until they got their way.
What I think the people in Brentford have to understand is our socialist council really don't give a s--t about the residents. They will have their way whether you like it or not. Oh, by the way, don't complain or demonstrate to
any of these so called socialists  or you could end up in court. Old Joe Stalin would be proud of Hounslow Council.

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