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Topic: Re:Re:Residents parking permits rip-off
Posted by: Guy Lambert
Date/Time: 29/05/16 07:45:00

Moron here.
Not sure I did say that but on checking the figures I find that - in the streets included in the original CPZ responses were in favour by 74 to 33 which sounds a bit overwhelming to me. In the whole area canvassed the majority was a bit slimmer at 101 to 71 so two roads that voted against were originally excluded (until one street changed its mind and petitioned for CPZ).

For the record, us socialists are obviously dead stupid as according to the LBH finance department:

For 2014/15 the gross income received from the issuing of residential permits amounted to 0.56m and when compared to the 2014/15 Council Tax 82m requirement represents 0.65%.  This percentage will be significantly smaller if the permit receipt net income figure is used which takes into consideration the following expenses:
. Officer time to conduct the consultation process
. Capital expenses for road markings
. Traffic order costs and signage
. Costs of issuing permits
. Cost of enforcement officers patrolling the zone.

The idea that CPZs are a revenue-raising exercise is laughable

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