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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Re:Residents parking permits rip-off
Posted by: Ian Speed
Date/Time: 28/05/16 22:26:00

CPZs outside town centres are often either vindictive 'I'm all right Jack' acts by residents with off-street parking (viz the Osterley station and West Thames College ones) or self-harming lunacy like the one proposed for the St John's Road grid area in Isleworth.

In the former, residents get to preen themselves looking out on empty spaces they themselves don't need (tell-tale sign is they're nearly all empty at night) while they smirk at the thought of hapless commuters from nearby stationless areas like Heston being unable to dare to park in their precious roads.

In the latter, there is nearly no off-street parking so all residents need on-street availability. A CPZ sounds good in theory, but it's no good keeping the odd station commuter away during the day when many residents have left their spaces to drive to work- the pinch point will still be at night when the commuters have long gone and the residents gradually return home to find they have more difficulty parking in the evening because the traffic planners have festooned the area with yellow lines on corners and other unexpected places, and they are now paying effectively an increase in council tax to find it harder to park than before.

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