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Topic: Tower blocks in Brentford - 'Davids' posting
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Posted by: Sarah Felstead
Date/Time: 15/06/17 15:13:00

Topic: Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Proposals to Refurbish Brentford Towers

Posted by: David
Date/Time: 15/06/17 12:27:00
You can see the letter here:

I am a resident of one of the towers, and that is a scan of the letter as received.

I'd also note:

1. That during the consultation I spoke to a representative of the architects involved and was told plainly that an important factor in the the cladding was that Kew Gardens had been denied their World Heritage status due tot he appearance of the Brentford Towers... i.e. that appearance is one of the most (if not the most) important factors.

2. The consultation feedback form had questions about "visual improvements and remodelling" having a positive difference to the environment and estate. Note, there was not a single question about whether it would make residents sleep more soundly knowing that the chances they would wake in the morning were much improved.

3. In a Twitter exchange with the councillor the existing concrete is referred to as "cladding", but no definition of "cladding" as I understand it would imply that the removal of it exposes the reinforced steel structure, but yet that is what you see in the Brentford TW8 sharing of the letter I received:

4. Whilst we do have fire alarms and I test them every month, I doubt others do

5. The internal services riser in each quarter of the building, that supplies services to the kitchens and bathrooms, is insufficiently shielded from the kitchen (definitely the case in the 1 bedroom flats, may also be the case in the 2 bedroom flats). It is essentially a thin piece of plywood/plasterboard and not a fire resistant thick piece of MDF or equivalent, and it is not adequately sealed around the piping (in the case of my flat).

6. The sealing of the fire doors on communal landings seems insufficient... the doors now close (as a result of a review a couple of years ago), but they do not seal adequately.

Even beyond real and present risk, I think people massively underestimate the anxiety this all causes.

Every time we hear a siren (and we're next to the A4 and M4, we hear sirens frequently) we wake up terrified that something is happening.

This has been the case since the fire in Fraser House in Oct/Nov last year.

Residents, and I am one, literally cannot sleep in peace.

When I attended a tenants meeting, it was plain to me that the majority of residents have long lost hope, and feel detached and isolated from the decisions that affect them. The constant beating of threats in communications, i.e. letters that say you must do this "and we'd like to remind you non-compliance is a breach of the tenancy agreement and can result in eviction procedures" or the sign in the lift that appeared a few days ago "if you get stuck in a lift do not call emergency services as you may be liable to an almost 300 fine"... this stuff all demoralises, weakens will, kills community spirit.

People are frightened, to stay, to sleep, to say anything. And through a process of little communication and it's all been harsh or spin, weakened disenfranchised.

Grenfell is horrific, but people are trapped. No-one lives in the Brentford Towers by choice. And every person who lives here has a story of how they got here, and every person carries the marks of those experiences. All these communications, all these processes, should recognise that the people here need help and support, not to be told things. And the people here are scared for the future, they need real reassurance that translates into real action.

Give us a sprinkler system at the very least.

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