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Topic: London Octopus
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Posted by: Jeff Birnberg
Date/Time: 30/08/12 12:14:00

I am terribly disheartened to see the London Octopus project advance and perhaps now become a fait accompli. Who were the politicians who approved this disastrous design which is completely out of character with anything nearby; they should be held accountable for their lack of integrity and betrayal of their responsibility to the community. The design is atrocious. Reading their web site, it becomes absolutely clear that this project was meant to benefit the developers and the companies that advertise on the buildings broad facade which faces the M4; why else make it so high and so convenient to roving eyes. Did we really need more reminders of products that we don't need! Did we really need a project that removes the trees which not only help to clean the air we breath but are far more beautiful than anything man can create? This was clearly motivated by greed and if it can still be stopped, it should be!   

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