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Topic: Rear alleyway
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Posted by: V Gough
Date/Time: 11/01/12 18:16:00

I live in a terraced property in Brentford and at the rear of my property there is an alleyway. 
When I moved in a few years ago it was clear and gave access to the garden at the rear of my property.

However, over the last year or so, lots of rubbish has been dumped there (I do not know who by) drinks cans, a christmas tree, boxes, broken fences etc. and now it is nearly impossible to get to my back gate.

I contacted the council and they said they were not able to help me as was private property - but who does it belong to then?

I am reluctant to pay to get it cleared, mainly because I didn't make the mess, but also because it is likely to just happen again!

Many of the surrounding properties are rented properties, so the tenants are not really concerned about it being messy or the likelihood of rats. 

Does anyone have any advice/suggestions to my problem? 
Does anyone else have this problem?  What have they done about this issue?

Many Thanks

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