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Topic: Shops opening
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Posted by: Chris Dakers
Date/Time: 27/07/22 15:40:00

I see that Chiswick is getting Oree Boulangerie and Brentford Greggs.
Good that Greggs is reopening in the former Barclays bank. I will know Brentford is on the up, when a branch of Oree Boulangerie opens here.

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                           Re:Reply26/08/22 08:03:00 Raymond Havelock
                              Re:Re:Reply26/08/22 12:13:00 Jim Lawes
                                 Greggs business..83 years old!!26/08/22 23:26:00 Jim Lawes
                           Re:Reply27/08/22 11:36:00 Bryan Betts
                              The new Greggs: Market Place, Brentford. 🌝27/08/22 16:05:00 Jim Lawes

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