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Topic: Workplace a parking charge
Posted by: Robert Ayres
Date/Time: 07/09/19 11:10:00

I can't believe that this is even being considered. Does our council not even look at what's happening in Brentford. Businesses are leaving,industrial and office spaces are being turned into residential use. So what do our council do, they come up with an idea to tax employers. Forget local people need jobs, our youngsters need training and the cost of this will be passed on to the customers i.e.: me and you. Of the few businesses left in the area that have to compete in the real world they will be looking for the exit door. Really you couldn't make it up . Their answer of course is it will help cut pollution which is bullshit . With the M4 the most polluted Road in Europe running right through Brentford it will make no difference at all. What next - will Hounslow be sending delegations to China and India who open one new coal fired power station a week. We need a council that will make Brentford a vibrant welcoming area for business so they will invest, not become known as the borough run by looney tunes who seem more intent on winning Private Eye's rotten boroughs competition

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