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Topic: Councillors..What Councillors
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Posted by: Anthony Waller
Date/Time: 01/02/15 10:56:00

It's some considerable time since the Council elections and am I the only one who is wondering what has happened to our local councillors or indeed who they are?

I certainly did not agree with all his views but what a huge hole has been left by Matt Harmer.

His example of really being involved and his informative newsletters were a great example of what a community councillor should be. He kept us all in the picture and his earlier missives were less political and far more community minded. Far better than the thrash that comes through the letter box in the way of soundbite party propoganda.

I don't think we have had a single hoot out of his successor and precious little from his compatriots.

It's not good enough really.  Sorely missed.

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