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Topic: Spite or jealousy?
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Posted by: Vanessa Smith
Date/Time: 31/01/18 10:34:00

Rumours are rife concerning the de-selection of the well-thought-of councillor Linda Green in Isleworth. This bizarre situation is causing much consternation among those of us not privy to the internal machinations of the local Labour party.
It seems that the word was put about that Lin should not be re-selected because of health problems, apart from being extremely un-comradely and nasty, the fact is health problems or no Lin has been probably the most active and contactable councillor in Isleworth for the last four years. Who among 60 councillors won't have a few problems health or otherwise from time to time? Surely these are decisions for the individual? Apparently one of those selected in Lin's place has been out of the country for almost two months, really useful that'll be. Names in the frame for putting the boot in include the Dear Leader and one of the Isleworth members and 'colleagues' of Lin. Shameful! 

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