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Topic: A315 @ Kew Bridge
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Posted by: Stephen Browne
Date/Time: 20/07/12 16:10:00

Message for Chris Calvi-Freeman

This week has been absolute bedlam trying to get out of Brentford at the eastern end. If I read Matt Harmer's e-newsletter correctly TfL reprogrammed the traffic lights because of the Games. Well how useless are they. They have created a roadblock for no reason. They now stop the eastern flow through the intersection to Chiswick after half the time it used to - so only about 5 cars maximum get through if doing a racing start - then proceed to change to red. They then let the west-bound traffic go green and we sit there waiting when we should be (and used to be) moving as well.

In summary opposing traffic that has no opportunity to come into conflict now has been stopped from moving at the same time and had another cycle put into the system - a 3 cycle light change is now 4.

When can we stop the pillocks coming into our area with their clueless observations, influencing our lives and leaving without even telling our own local counil (according to Matt) they are doing it?

Good grief! 1 to buracracy, 0 to the people.

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