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Topic: Re:Re:A315 @ Kew Bridge
Posted by: Stephen Browne
Date/Time: 21/07/12 08:33:00

Thanks Chris for the prompt and informative response.

"We have recently been advised by TfL that the changes are quite deliberate, and are to protect the Chiswick roundabout and Olympic road network."

This statement clearly demonstrates a lack of familiarity with the intersection and traffic flow through it as no void or gap is created by the re-phasing of the lights - all it does is give north bound traffic over Kew Bridge the bias through the intersection.

If any of the TfL team stood at this intersection on any business morning it would take about 30 seconds to realise most traffic travelling east out of Brentford turns south over Kew Bridge.

I can only hope the now unnecessary delays to bus journeys through this part of Brentford towards Chiswick make TfL realise the error of their recent adjustments.

I shall report this on their website. Thanks again.

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