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Topic: Speed Humps Isleworth
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Posted by: Ron Curant
Date/Time: 29/03/10 23:32:00

I would like to hear from other Isleworth residents re the Traffic Calming measures in the College Road/Musgrave Road/Borough Road locations.
I originally enquired to Hounslow Highways Department on the 5/11/09 as to the maximum legal height of speed bumps, after many emails which answered nothing and with assistance from Barbara Reid an on site meeting was arranged for 10/3/10.I was then informed by a Team Leader from the Highways Dept that the limit was 100mm. I produced a sanding bock which was 100mm in height and placed this by a speed hump in Musgrave Road and it was clearly evident that the height of the hump was just about double the maximum legal limit, which was not denied. I was informed that the problem was historic and that Hounslow did not have the funds to do anything about it. Also that Hounslow had not received enough complaints about cars being damaged and that they had an insurance dept that dealt with these matters.
Investigations via the Internet report patients with spinal injuries ending up Paraplegics after ambulances had to negotiate rogue speed humps. Undertakers having to take alternate routes to avoid damaging their vehicles which being long wheelbase were bottoming down causing damage to the under carriage. One North London Council removing all their humps resulting suprisingly in lower accident rates.
Does anyone feel the same as I do, I am not against reasonable traffic calming but having spent more than 50 years in the Motor Trade I know that all our vehicles are suffering from premature failure of expensive suspension parts.
It would also be interesting to hear how these restrictions affect response times from the Emergency Services.
Ron Curant.

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