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Topic: Running costs of Amenities
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Posted by: Raymond Havelock
Date/Time: 17/12/22 11:51:00

This must be a nightmare but indicative of how expensive and unaffordable the 'exclusive' facilities have become for the more well heeled of the Borough.

But I wish the reporting would be clearer.  For example from the quote below:

What do they mean by subsidiaries and how ?  Does that really mean robbing Peter to pay Paul? Or targeting other people with stealth charges or overt increases?

It's very vague.

"According to the report, Lampton Group will recover costs from subsidiaries in full for the year and will therefore breakeven. Clive Palfreyman, executive director of finance and resources for Hounslow Council said, “While there is strong financial performance reported across the group the pressures emerging in relation to Lampton Leisure Ltd are significant and are likely to require the council to provide support in some form in the second half of the year."

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