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Topic: Catherine Wheel Road
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Posted by: Angela Burton
Date/Time: 06/12/20 16:45:00

Dear fellow TW8 readers

Forgive me if I am raising a topic that's already been dealt with on the fabulous TW8 site (though I couldn't see any reference to this topic already).

I am noticing more and more that people are referring to Catherine Wheel Road as 'the blue road'.

The blue paint on Catherine Wheel Road is a marketing tactic by the developer. As such an historic town, Brentford needs protecting, and using wonderful local names like Catherine Wheel Road is part of that.

It makes me really sad to hear people being 'bluewashed' into using a marketing term instead of the proper name... I've tried to find some history behind the road's name, but couldn't find anything. Do any local historians know the provenance of the name?

Here's hoping!

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