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Posted by: Guy Lambert
Date/Time: 12/09/19 20:28:00

Here's an official statement from Ballymore which should put to bed the fake news which has been circulating:

The car park under construction on Brentford high street is an essential component of the planned and consented regeneration that will ultimately deliver over 800 homes, new retail, public space, and an extended Thames path. The car park will not only deliver parking facilities, but is also a building that includes new homes and retail opportunities on the high street. It has been designed by a RIBA award-winning architectural practice and will act as a gateway marker to Brentford town centre.

The car park has always been a part of Ballymore’s masterplan for the project, designed to satisfy the significant demand for residential parking. Ballymore, working with Hounslow, also sized the car park to address the need for both existing and future commercial parking. The car park was delivered at this stage to maintain, ahead of commencement of construction of the first phase of the project, commercial parking spaces for Brentford. A condition was put in place as part of the planning agreement to ensure that no less than 150 commercial parking space were delivered.

We are behind this strategy whole-heartedly, developed in partnership with Hounslow Council, and recognise its importance in ensuring the town centre is supported with ample parking facilities for local people as it embarks upon an ambitious regeneration.

We have now launched residential sales at The Brentford Project, and in just the first week we have seen strong demand from buyers for car parking. This is in line with the demand we see across our portfolio throughout London in other car parking facilities. Ultimately the car park will be used jointly by the public and qualifying residents of The Brentford Project. Given industry experience, we believe that this combined residential and commercial demand will result in a car park operating at near full capacity for most of its operational hours.

The planning process has now concluded for the car park, with all detailed permissions now consented following the earlier consents for outline planning having been in place.

The car park is currently shell and core, and we are moving towards procurement of the façade contractor with the installation of the cladding running through 2020. 

Signage to advertise the car park now being open is being managed by the car park management company, CP+, who have recently submitted applications to erect signage in the coming weeks. A first hour free parking trial was recently implemented to further support high street trade from now and over the Christmas period. 

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