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Topic: Mo Farah and Brentford
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Posted by: Neil Chippendale
Date/Time: 05/08/12 10:50:00

Running Legend Mo Farah

My name is Mo Farah.

When I arrived in Britain from Somalia at 9 years of age, I had a dream that I would become a famous sports person and a household name. I would travel the world and be a hero in the land of my birth. I wanted to play football for Brentford! However, I had challenges to overcome. Although I spoke no English, and I was small and skinny, they found a place for me. With my blinding pace I was made right back for the Brentford youth team. This was the first step on my way to stardom.

At school my P.E. teacher, Alan Watkinson, told me I was not destined to grace the field at Griffen Park, but to be an athlete. A runner. I laughed. We struck a deal. If I could play football for 30 minutes before every training session then I would train to be a runner.

13 years, 1 European Junior Championship, 1 European Senior Championship and a host of other achievements later, Iíve realised something. I didnít set out to become a runner, but I am a runner. So if you are a rugby player, a couch potato or a want to be Elvis, where you start isnít necessarily where you will finish.

Impossible is Nothing.

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