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Topic: Empty Properties in Brentford
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Posted by: Bernadette Paul
Date/Time: 18/06/10 08:29:00

I know there was a thread on this subject a while ago but I couldn't find it so I'm starting another which is largely directed towards local councillors.  In what I believe is called Noel Parr Court which is on the corner of Windmill Road and Boston Manor Road in Brentford, there is a top floor flat which has to my knowledge been vacant for the best part of a year if not longer.  One weekend last summer (early or late bank holiday can't remember which) there was a huge and noisy party in this flat which I now realise must have been the tenants' leaving party as there does not appear to have been anyone living there ever since.

I don't know if these properties are council or housing association but whatever they are this flat has been empty for a very long time.  There are thousands of people on miscellaneous waiting lists so how does it happen that a flat can stay vacant so long? 

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