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Topic: Spotted on Facebook
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Posted by: Vanessa Smith
Date/Time: 04/02/22 15:14:00

Note: Anyone who posts a defamatory comment does so at their own risk and must take responsibility personally.
"Terrapin has a superb track record of helping our clients achieve successful planning consents right across Greater London." – Political lobbyist Peter Bingle, The Terrapin Group.
SHOULD COUNCIL LEADER STEVE CURRAN HAVE ACCEPTED FOUR DINNERS WITH LOBBYIST PETER BINGLE? WHAT WAS THE BILL? Mr Bingle works for big developers including two currently active in Hounslow Borough – Fairview New Homes (Heidelberg site, Brentford) and A2Dominion (Hounslow West). As Council Leader, Cllr Curran oversees Planning and Regeneration. Hospitality is acceptable as long as Cllr Curran correctly declares it, as he did. But is it a good look?
Some might think it would be more appropriate for him to meet Mr Bingle over a desk in Hounslow House where their discussion could be fully minuted. Instead Mr Bingle took Cllr Curran for dinner. Four dinners are declared across two dates, perhaps two of the meals being for Cllr Curran's spouse (who works for Hounslow Council). We are not told. It might have been in La Rosetta, Brentford (low prices). Or it might have been in Mr Bingle's native habitat around Parliament (more swish and expensive). How much did it cost?
In his declaration of interests, Cllr Curran does not say. Perhaps he will now tell us the details.
In Parliament Labour has been rigorously scrutinising any potential conflict of interest amongst Conservative ministers and MPs, even when it is declared. It seems fair to apply the same scrutiny to our councillors so people can make up their own minds with the May 5 local elections coming up.
Recently Osterley & Wyke Green Residents' Association asked: "“Is it acceptable for the Leader of the Council (also Cabinet Member for Corporate Strategy, Planning and Regeneration) to accept hospitality at sports events e.g. international rugby and cricket matches, from developers who are submitting planning applications in the borough?”
The Council replied: “Members are entitled to accept hospitality so long as it is declared in accordance with statutory requirements.”
What exactly does Mr Bingle do, in his role representing Fairview and A2Dominion and others? His company says: "Terrapin understands the London political scene. Our consultants are experienced advisers who are able to derisk large, complicated schemes at the start of the planning process and then work with clients to ensure a successful outcome."
It adds: "The relationship between London councils and City Hall is constantly evolving. Clients need advisers who understand that critical relationship and are able to assist them navigate through a sea of complexity.
"Terrapin Communications delivers the following services :
"Political audits of individual London councils.
"Targeted political engagement programmes.
"Stakeholder engagement.
"Public exhibitions.
"Strategic advice on planning in London.
"Terrapin has a superb track record of helping our clients achieve successful planning consents right across Greater London. If you would like to discuss a potential assignment please contact :
"Terrapin is a member of the PRCA and is a strong and public advocate for strong industry rules which are ruthlessly enforced. Public affairs is a force for good in the Body Politic. We therefore welcomed the creation of the Public Affairs Board and adhere to its rules. We are also registered with the Office of the Registrar of Consultant Lobbyists.
"Terrapin discloses all our clients on the PAB’s public register and expects our team to act with integrity and ethics at all times."
There is no suggestion of wrongdoing. It is a matter of judgment.

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