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Topic: Re:Smart Motorways
Posted by: Philippa Bond
Date/Time: 30/01/20 15:59:00

I still fail to understand how anyone could think these are a good idea.

I believe that there were supposed to be places to pull off the road far more often than they have actually been made.  They are also not quick enough at noticing that a vehicle is stopped and not quick enough at doing anything about it.

The fact that they feel they have to advertise on the radio that you should not drive in a lane marked with a red X above it surely also says something about everyone driving.
and designing them.

It must just be a cost cutting exercise - something created at a desk on a computer terminal.  If you drive on these roads you can see straight away that it is going to be a problem.  I suppose fewer young people drive nowadays and maybe they don't think anybody should and perhaps that life should be a lived at a greater risk.  Are people frightened to speak up when designing them?  Don't they have a voice?

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