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Topic: There's none so blind.
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Posted by: Vanessa Smith
Date/Time: 13/09/19 11:53:00

There are times when some of our local councillors really do take your breath away. Take for instance the gem in Cllr. Lambert's weekly blog we have been treated to this week in respect of the planning application for The George Inn a Grade 2 listed building and former pub in Isleworth.

The very real concerns of local residents dismissed in a couple of throw-away sentences:

"Thursday evening was the Planning Committee. It was a packed hall, mainly with supporters of the proposal to turn the listed and unoccupied George pub in Isleworth into what some describe as an Islamic prayer centre and others describe as a mosque. We had had a bit of a preview of this proposal at an area forum meeting last year and I formed a favourable impression. Not much had changed in the meantime. Some locals are worried about traffic and parking impacts but the committee found it hard to see this as a decisive problem. The very urbane local Isleworth councillor Salman Shaheen suggested some conditions to the approval which everybody was happy with, but then we got into an absurd procedural wrangle which caused steam to emit from the ears of one dishonourable member (this one) as we wasted 15 minutes arguing about nothing. Anyway, approved."

Leaving aside the 'procedural wrangle' which served to remind us that some people need to do some more homework on committee and planning issues, the detailed objection letter sent to ALL committee members setting out the local amenity society's and a local resident's association was reduced in the officer's report to five sentences.

Now we have one of those committee members publicly patronising those same groups, as if we were a bunch of old dears with nothing else to do but have a whinge. As one correspondent e-mailed to me this morning - "he has completely undermined the concerns of local people as if they count for sod all. What chance do we have with pompous gits like him making decisions that will cause so many problems to residents?"
Cllr. Lambert we need hardly remind locals around here was one of those same members who voted for the closure of Church St. which in no small way has added to the already congested local roads, and it is a decision that, two years down the line, still reverberates in Isleworth. This latest short-sighted decision will cause even more congestion, pollution and aggravation - but no matter - people who do not live here (apart from one) and care even less about something that will not affect them in the least go on their merry way without a thought for anyone. One day these 'representatives' might learn to listen - or at least try visiting an area before they come to any decision which clearly (apart from one who sees it on a daily basis) they hadn't. All Cllr. Lambert does is add insult to injury - but then we are usually referred to as 'the usual  suspects' - says it all really. 

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