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Topic: The Boardwalk - Brentford
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Posted by: Sandeep Mestry
Date/Time: 12/10/13 19:53:00

Dear all,

Hope you're doing well.

I'm interested in buying a flat in the new development at The boardwalk (goat wharf). I was just wondering if you could suggest regarding the local area and any issues for which I should avoid.
I've chosen Brentford because it is closer to my wife's workplace in Chiswick and overall I was happy with the development plan.
Also, it's closer to the green places like Kew and that waterman's is quite next door.
I do think the properties are overpriced but then I'm currently renting in Acton and the monthly rent plus bills is coming out to be very expensive.
Any thoughts greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks in advance,

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