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Topic: Hamilton Road CPZ unenforceable?
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Posted by: Claire Peleschka
Date/Time: 08/04/13 19:18:00

Walking down Hamilton Road tonight I noticed that all the small signs down the road relating to the CPZ state the enforcement times at Mon - Sat 2-3. However, the massive signs at the end of Hamilton Road notifying of the scheme (Brook Rd end) state Mon - FRI, 2-3. Therefore, the signs are contradictory and therefore, as I understand it, render the scheme unenforceable.

Rumour has it that the council are aware of this yet continue to collect their 60 fees and are making no attempt to refund those who have already purchased their permits.

I believe this serves as a warning to all those that are advocating for a wider CPZ. Right now an entire road is paying for something that is technically still free and wide open to these 1000s of commuters that some are convinced use local roads

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