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Topic: Reynards Mills and Chistianity
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Posted by: Graham Bingham
Date/Time: 24/12/11 14:50:00

Well the faith has realy showed it pious hypocritical selfish values this time article:-"Vicar of St Faith's church Rev Derath Durkin speaks out about Reynard Mills proposals "
Playing to the crowd
What about the homeless cramped in overcrowded housing ,how about the young couples who can't afford to get started on the property ladder, How about the slum landords in windmill road who are also objecting to this proposal. to compete.
How about considering a bigger picture than your empty pews. There are people out there who are in need of housing in this borough ,perhaps you would suggest somewhere the council might allow building Gunersbury park maybe. or just somewhere you can't smell.
This campaign is about house price's car parking etc Nimyism, and not a jot about your so called Christian values , Derath youshould be ashamed of yourself.
Graham Bingham

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