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Topic: Parking Fine (PCN)
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Posted by: John Coulthard
Date/Time: 26/08/11 09:52:00

On the 11 June 11 I parked my car in the Butts and paid for parking with RINGGO (the phone based parking payment system).  On returning to my car I found I had a PCN.   Later the same week I emailed the Council with the PCN number and an electronic copy of the receipt for parking that covered the period of the parking ticket.  That was that I thought.

Six weeks later I received an email telling me to pay up because I had parked in a Residents bay... fair enough I thought ... that is possible.   I asked them to send me a copy of the photo of my parked car.   They did and I checked the location... sure enough it was an appropriate pay at metre bay.  I emailed the Council.  That was that I thought.

Two weeks later I received an email telling me to pay up because I had not paid for the parking.   I emailed back the receipt. That was that I thought.

One week later I received an email telling me that the Offence was 6 November 2011, and the 6 June Receipt did not cover this period... well this made no sense to me... and I guess not much sense to you dear reader.

I emailed the Council and told them I would not pay and they should summons me to the Magistrates Court.  That was, definitely not that, I thought.

Two days later I received an email from the Council,  mistake they said, training issue they said, sorry they did not say and that was that they thought.

So my advice is, if you get a ticket, send one mail of proof if you have a receipt and tell them you wish to go to court.  That will force a manager to look at the problem and it will get sorted... well I hope it will.

My abiding concern is that the Council were just trying to make me pay... that of course would be Theft and I am sure they did not mean to do that or that is part of some unwritten policy to throw the thing back and back in some parking ticked tennis match in the hope that the citizen will be bored and just pay.

I may still make a claim against them for my costs.

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