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Topic: Re:Schools in Brentford
Posted by: Lisa Mercer
Date/Time: 29/03/10 23:12:00

Its simple. Brentford school for Girls needs to become a mixed school as soon as possible, admitting boys and girls initially into year seven to begin the changeover. The Green School and Gumley are close enough for parents who desire a single sex education for their daughters. The universally (well in a borough kind of way) unpopular Hounslow Manor secondary could then be rebranded (?) and become  the new non denominational girls school. It is patronising and frankly fobbing people off to talk about building schols for the future. Parents want solutions now. There is no money to spend on expanding or updating existing schools let alone build new ones. It would also be better to end this farce of offering a choice because its obvious the system is buckling under the pressure and it is going to get a great deal worse. Put parents out of their misery and just tell them where they have a place. The current system is becoming cruel and pointless.

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