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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Brentford regeneration?
Posted by: Andrew Dakers
Date/Time: 13/01/10 11:59:00

Alan - Brentford would be helped if there was more planning officer resource concentrated on strategic development issues.  What does that mean?  Well at the moment the Council officers are responding reactively to development proposals and it seems to get left to me (!) to get on the phone and challenge/ encourage key developers in equal measure.  To be fair, Brentford was recently included in a visit by Design for London and the HCA to the borough, but it must not be seen as any less of a priority than Hounslow Town Centre's regeneration.

I would agree ISIS did not help Brentford with their first planning application and vacating the site of tenants.  Fortunately there is now a new team in place who are taking a more enlightened approach, but we must still watch the proposals very closely - see and

As per my June 09 update the South side of Brentford High Street has been much more complicated in terms of land aquisition/ consolidation (than Commerce Rd).  The initial site ideas developed by BDP for Ballymore in c 2008 were clearly an inappropriate approach for the site and I am currently using the time the economic slow down gives us to liaise with Ballymore regarding a different approach to moving the site masterplanning process forward.

Best, Andrew

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