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Topic: Re:Re:Brentford regeneration?
Posted by: Alan Clark
Date/Time: 13/01/10 10:15:00

Its bit easy to blame the recession and lack of funding for large projects over 2008 / 09. The south of high street has been in shambles for years and years before then. Plenty of time for development. In that time the old glaxo site was flattened and the development is in its final stages. There is no way the glaxo site, with its "slap-facing the M4 raised section" is a more attractive location for developers or incomers than the south high street.
Could it be something else? Could it factors like the Commerce Rd site where the developers have wasted 3-4 years by proposing the highest density development imaginable - with the less than surprising result of locals campaigning against it and the development not being approved?
The lack of regeneration must have its roots in more than the recent recession. It must be issues with the developers, with the local council and with Isis (the land owners for much of the area).

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