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Topic: Re:Re:Mudlarking in the Thames
Posted by: Raymond Havelock
Date/Time: 28/11/22 09:30:00

PLA have systemically placed permits and charges on almost everything on or beside the river.

If they could register Ducks and Driftwood they probably would.

Key reason why thousands of homes from the Lock to the Estuary have been lost over almost half a century

Many were not of the best habitable standard, but a great many were far better than some of the box coops that are now deemed 'luxury apartments'

But this was never the reason. If it were, the opportunity to provide very affordable quality homes, particularly for younger people and those who don't want or have children, in locations that make sense. Could have been effected easily and cheaply and with versatility of being able to move them to other locations if needs or demands must.

No. It is all about accommodating the clout of riverside developers and big bucks. Sadly this has been the case for well over 30 years and never really challenged since the demise of the GLC.

$$$$&s speak louder than ordinary people's real needs.

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