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Topic: Enforced Grieving
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Posted by: Anne England
Date/Time: 15/09/22 09:59:00

I have posted this on another thread but thought it deserved an airing of its own:
The stopping of activities is ludicrous, particularly in the lead up to the funeral. I can only surmise that the cancellation of the book clubs and needle and natter at Brentford Library in the week leading up to the Queen's funeral is because of her passing. What is it with this enforced grieving? Is one any less 'bothered', either way, whether or not you are sitting quietly discussing a book or doing a bit of embroidery? No policing necessary! Meanwhile, looking at the Leisure Centre sites, I see that all activities (yoga, pilates etc.) are continuing this week and on Monday itself the centres will still be open for pounding up and down in the fitness lanes while no doubt wearing a black armband. I don't mean any disrespect to the Queen or current events and will be watching the proceedings on my laptop and, if it is passing on the A4, walk to see the funeral cortege after. What I do find irksome is the inconsistency of closures and the cancellation of activities in the week leading up to the funeral instead of just on the day itself. It should also be remembered that for some public activities such as the needle and natter offer one of the only free and local activities involving a bit of social mixing to some otherwise quite isolated people.

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