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Topic: Lord of Brentford?
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Posted by: Jim Lawes
Date/Time: 07/09/22 15:48:00

The name of the distinguished Lord Sterne of Brentford has come to my attention... following some light reseach into Lord Hannay of Chiswick(Bedford Park) where he resides (still?).. and after listening to Lord Tony Young  of Norwood Green give a tribute speech at a Hampshire funeral yesterday.

Lord Young is very well known in Norwood Green and his lovely wife too.

The distinguished Lord Hannay of Chiswick has served the UK at the United Nations and lives/lived in Orchard Road W4.

Lord Sterne of Brentford was born in Hammersmith apparently, went to Latymer.. and choose the Bees link. Was he aware of Brentford FC's elevation to the Premier Division!

A serious enquiry..and with respect... what is the gentleman's link with Brentford?

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