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Topic: SYON looking for new company to open garden centre
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Posted by: Jennifer Selig
Date/Time: 10/10/19 17:39:00

From the front page,   This is good news the article also says:-
"In the longer term Northumberland Estates plans to provide new investment for the Wyevale site. This may include upgrading the restaurant and garden centre and including new leisure facilities, looking to improve accessibility, and generally making the area more attractive, thus creating an improved asset for the locality which complements the existing visitor offer at Syon Park. "

The problem with access still exists unless Church Road is reopened. Making another entrance from the Brentford London Road, would at least make it easier for people coming from the East - not much help for those from Richmond and the West though.  Also such a waste of the current beautiful entrance across the meadows, filled with wild flowers in the summer and the glimpse of cows too made it a peaceful way to enter.

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SYON looking for new company to open garden centre10/10/19 17:39:00 Jennifer Selig
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