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Topic: Town Centre Manager
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Posted by: Adam Beamish
Date/Time: 25/06/14 16:32:00

Interested to read on one of my 'trade' websites today (haven't seen it reported locally) that LBH have appointed a new Town Centre Manager for Brentford and Chiswick. 

Funnily enough when I googled Brentford Town Centre Manager the first result was an interview with the previous postholder from when they took up the role in 2011 (when it was shared between Hounslow Town Centre and Brentford Town Centre) and that article finished with some line about how the postholder would regularly update this website on happenings, but I don't ever recall hearing from her again !.

Having had a somewhat 'difficult' experience with a Town Centre Manager in another Borough trying to rewrite/disregard adopted planning policy to suit her objection to one of my scheme (which seemed quite perverse as given 1/2 her salary was paid by the Council, it seemed rather 'wrong' for her to criticise her employers during her  hours of employment !) I'm always a tad skeptical about what positive things such people actually bring to the table...

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