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Topic: Well done Dave!
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Posted by: Sarah Felstead
Date/Time: 14/08/13 12:48:00

How about a fast response time of 1 minute?

Son used his mobile to ring me about a seriously dangerous paving slab he had nearly hurt himself on.  He couldn't take a picture to send in to the Council as his phone is playing up, so he rang me.  A while later I went to take a photo and found one of those 'rocker' slabs which look perfectly okay to walk on yet rise and fall as you step on it - this one rose and fell on both sides by 2-3 inches.

The new street light crews were about so I asked if they had a contact number within to sort it out (not looking forward to another 40 minute telephone call) and 'Dave' took one look and said it was seriously dangerous and fixed it!

Thank you Dave.  :-)

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