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Topic: Missing Bono!
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Posted by: Liz Parker
Date/Time: 13/05/13 14:34:00

Hi, since my message of last week saying that our black cat was missing, there has still been no sign of him.  I have spent every spare moment scouring the streets of Brentford, crawling on my hands and knees through the shrubbery, shouting his name through locked garage doors, etc, and am completely exhausted!  If anyone knows of his whereabouts, please, please can you let me know.  He is a large, friendly black cat, called Bono (husband's a U2 fan!) - but confusingly the pink heart-shaped tag that he was wearing when last seen will either have the name Bono on it or Robbi (he may have been wearing his brother Robbie's name tag for reasons to boring to go into!).  He also had a round gold tag saying he'd been ID chipped.  His collar is light-blue.  The council and the waterways offices say they haven't located a cat of his description.  He was last seen 7pm in Tallow Road near the Weir on Tuesday 7 May.  Generous reward on offer for anyone who can provide any information leading to his safe return.  Thank you - and to all the many lovely people of Brentford who've helped in my search so far, I greatly appreciate all your kindness. 

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