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Topic: Brentford 'improvements'
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Posted by: Adam Beamish
Date/Time: 18/01/12 13:05:00

Quoting from the front page article, for £1,000,000 Brentford will receive the following "improvements" :

"In Brentford, the funding will see a range of projects taking place to connect the Great West Road and Brentford High Street through:

A launch event along the Grand Union Canal with the Royal Opera House during the Olympics.

Improving access from the Great West Road to Brentford Lock through a new cycling and pedestrian junction via the canalís towpath and new bespoke signage on the Golden Mile.

A project to improve signage in and around Brentford town centre.

A bespoke lighting scheme linking up the Great West Road with the towpath, bridge underpass, towpath, Piazza, High Street and Market Place.

Development of a new cycling junction outside Holiday Inn.

Improvements to entrances to St Georgeís Piazza, new lighting and signage and bringing empty retail units back into use.

Improvements to the north side of High Street, with new street furniture, lighting and further shop frontage improvements.

A one year long community programme to develop a spectacular performance for a celebration event in March 2014."

How much of that does Brentford actually need or will benefit from in the long-term ?.†

The "launch event" - what has the Royal Opera House or the Olympics for that matter got to do with Brentford ?.† Waste of money.

Access from GWR to Brentford Lock - is a new cycle/pedestrian junction really needed ?.† Bespoke signage on the Golden Mile ? - why can't this be left to private companies/developers ?.

Improving signage - is Brentford that much of a maze to get round ?.

Bespoke lighting scheme - the towpath does need to be better lit in places, but no need for anything OTT.

New cycling junction outside Holiday Inn - is that particular spot a hotbed for cyclists ?.† Has a guest at the Inn ever arrived/departed by bike ?!.† Ok so some staff might, but is it really needed ?.

Bring empty retail units back into use - how ?.† By reducing rents or offering similar incentives ?.

Improvements to the north side of the High Street - presumably afew new benches or such like.

Community programme/celebration event - hmmm...

No doubt I'll be accused of being cynical again, but this seems an utter waste of £1,000,000 to me.

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